February in Majorca: Almond trees in bloom

In February, when winter hits the rest of the world, it seems that spring is beginning in Mallorca with almond trees in bloom. For a few weeks, the rest of the island’s wonders play a secondary role, giving prominence to the white and pink of the almond blossom that flood the island and which is a pleasure for all the senses.

Almond trees usually start to bloom in late January. If you want to fully enjoy the color show, it is best to visit the island between the end of January and the middle of February.


Mallorca has become the perfect destination for cycling lovers. In fact, there are already many cyclists who visit the island, especially during the winter months. And what is it that makes Mallorca a good destination for cycling tourism?

There are many reasons but the most repeated among those who practice this sport are:

The weather. Winters in Mallorca are mild and usually very sunny, making the temperature and atmosphere great for cycling.

Mallorca has an immense network of secondary roads for bicycles. The routes are practically endless and there is always something new to know.

Mountain and the plain. The island offers changes in altitude for all tastes!

The good food! The breaks between routes are also an important part of the sport, and most towns in Mallorca have the best options to complement the cycling activity before, during and after it.

In the activities section you have some routes near Cala Fornells, we hope you enjoy them!


Sant Antoni: Fire and demons

Every year, on 16 and 17 January, is the festival of Sant Antoni, patron saint of animals, loved by the islanders.

Bonfires, singing and dancing, devil-chasing and parades take place, followed by a street party that runs late into the night on the 17th January.

The main celebration is the dance of the devils (‘dimonis’), which represent the devils that tempted Sant Antoni. At the street, all the people gather around the fires to roast some meat, drink wine and sing popular songs.


January calms

January calms, or January declines, are explained by the presence of an anticyclonic situation that is usually very common during this month. It is on the seafront where its effects are most evident: the sea level drops and the good weather looks like spring. In fact, these days are being extraordinary!


Holy week: impressive processions

Mallorca holds Holy Week with great devotion. Worth stressing, because of its spectacularity, are the procession on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday which are held in nearly all the towns on Mallorca, although the most popular are the ones in Pollença, Artà, Sineu and Palma. At this time of the year, it is typical to go to the fun fair “Fira de Ram”. More over it is traditional to eat “panades” (meat pies), “robiols” and “crespells” (sweet pastries).

March, spring and Mallorca

Seems like Spring is here early this year, and with this weather we can’t think of a better plan than enjoying the sun and the beautiful views of Cala Fornells. Who’s in?

Mallorca’s almond trees will soon be in flower

Between the end of January and the beginning of February, coinciding with the flowering of the almond trees, the island of Mallorca takes on a spectacular beauty. The flowering almond trees, with their different pink and white shades, are particularly attractive to photographers, painters and to all lovers of nature in general.

Autumn fairs

The calendar of Mallorcan autumn fairs begins in October, with fairs at Marratxí, Porreres, Campos, Santanyí, Consell and Felanitx. Every weekend it is possible to attend one of these traditional fairs dedicated to countryside tasks, animals and crafts.

St. John’s Day begins the Mallorcan festive calendar

Coinciding with the arrival of the hot weather, Mallorca’s summer festivals begin, and St. John’s Day (24 June) is the first event on the calendar. The town of Calvià, a few kilometres from the Cala Fornells Hotel, celebrates the festival with traditional dancing and other activities. The festive calendar continues with St. Peter’s Day (29 June). St. Peter is the patron of Andratx, a town which is also very near the Hotel.