Start from Fornells cove towards Sant Elm by car. In Sant Elm you can take the small ferry boat Margarita (Daisy), first departure at 10:15 am (not operating on sundays), that will take us to Dragonera island. There are three different routes to choose. 3:00 pm is the last returnig trip from Dragonera to Sant Elm. The ferry boat ticket must be paid by the travellers (± 10 euros for the round trip).

Dragonera island, located in the most western part of Majorca, and separated by a narrow strait of just 700 meters, this is public property since 1988, when it was acquired after avoiding being urbanized. The 4 kilometres distance that separates both ends were declared Natural Park in 1995. The highest point of the island reaches over 360 meters.

Inhabited by numerous species of animals and vegetables, without motor vehicles or any electric supply system, it is a paradise of peace and tranquillity , only disturbed by the acute shouts of the gulls and the stealthy movement of “sargantanes”, the endemic small lizards of the island. There are three routes, that leave the port, Lladó cove, takes us to:

a) the old light house, located just on the top of the highest mountain, called Na Pòpia. This light house presented a huge difficulty to be constructed with the existing resources in the year 1852, when it was finally inaugurated, and only on functioning until 1910, when it was closed due to the frequent fog in the summit blocking often its visibility. It is a moderately difficult distance of 3,8 kilometres that reaches up to 352 meters and that it is possible to complete in around three hours.

b) the light house of Tramuntana (wind from the North), 1.7 kilometres, easy, reaching a height of 65 meters, you can go and return in about one hour.

c) the light house and tower of Llebeig (wind from the Southwest), 4.5 kilometres, easy, reaching a height of 121 meters, you can make the roundtrip walk in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Total distance: 21656 m
Max elevation: 358 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 759 m
Total descent: -756 m
Download file: dragonera.gpx