Mallorca is also known as the island of calm. Thus the great Catalan painter and writer Santiago Rusiñol defined it. When he first visited it in 1903, he was fascinated by its light, the landscape, the sea water, the coves, the ports, the mountains and the pines, the terraced slopes, the medieval streets and the courtyards of the City. Everything was filled with peace and serenity.

Even today it is full of places where tranquility is present in the atmosphere, soft, sweet, slow and parsimonious, with nothing but to let time run. This is true in summer and winter, and in spring and autumn. During the day and when the sun sets, and under the stars.

Cala Fornells, at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana, next to the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by pine trees, under a clear sky, is one of those places to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle and find the inner harmony again by practicing yoga, ideal for keeping the body toned, the mind open and the soul pure.

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