Hotel Cala Fornells opened its doors in 1947. At that time, only two rooms surrounded what today is still one of the most emblematic areas of the hotel: the round lounge.

For the young couple who ran the hotel, Ana and Asensio, it was not easy. The access to Cala Fornells was complicated and we remember it with anecdotes such as the great snowfall of 1956, which completely isolated the Hotel and Asensio took some clients with a rowboat to Paguera so that they could reach the airport and did not miss the flight.

Hotel Cala Fornells grew to its current 90 rooms, all renovated but without losing either the original character neither the charm of the family service that, after 76 years, we are now living in the third generation.

Staying at the Hotel Cala Fornells means becoming a member of the family. We keep applying the same values about hospitality that we started with, with a constant effort to update ourselves without losing the essence, everything to ensure that your holidays are unforgettable.